Check it Fashion: US Open

Muy caliente!
Muy caliente!

Thanks to Sports Illustrated for this photo collection of fashion in the ultimate testing ground: The US Open. While Serena and Venus have long been vanguards with on-the-court style, most players now are hawking clothing contracts with some company or another. A few, like the Williams’ sisters, actually own their clothing lines or have a hand in the design.   And why not, with these duds, form must follow function.  (And sometimes, I’m amazed it doesn’t get in the way.)

On the men’s side, everyone can thank Roger Federer for recent interest in court fashion, although Andre Agassi really was the breakthrough in challenging court style. Fed brought back the class, still insisting on switching into his famed ‘RF’ jacket for award ceremonies. But now, everyone, even Nadal, seems to want to do some court talking with their clothes.

US Open Tennis runs until Sept 13th so plenty of opportunities to check it out.  Particular players of fashion note:  Serena, Venus, Sharapova, Nadal, always dapper Federer.

Game on!

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