Skip it Film: Duplicity

DuplicityI’m not one to brag but I’m a glutton for punishment.  At least when it comes to my fav actors.  I have wasted endless hours on pointless, rambling, disturbing pieces of celluloid trash in the name of supporting them.  You’d think I’d have gotten wiser in my advancing years.  For the most part, yes.  But when it comes to the stubbly planes of Clive Owen’s manly cheeks, um, no.

So I’ll save you the disappointment of sitting through this underacted, meandering excuse for a big screen vehicle for Julia Roberts.  Yes, she looks fabulous.  Yes, he looks more fabulous.  I’d like to have a word with both their agents on this one.  While Duplicity claims to be a smart, sexy caper movie, it lumbers along with you wondering why the hell you’re still watching it.

The real crime of this movie?  Having the calibre of actors like Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti and pushing their far more interesting battle of wits as corperate head honchos in the skincare industry aside for the tepid romantic daisy pulling of Owens and Roberts.  If you want a tightly written, sharp, wonderfully cast and acted con movie without too much higher Hollywood paparazzi glitz, rent 2003’s Confidence with Rachel Weisz and Edward Burns (and Paul Giamatti).  If you want a messier, wants-to-prove-its-smarter-than-you-but-damn-pretty film, go back and watch Clooney, Pitts, et al in their Ocean’s Movies.  Ocean’s Eleven is still a good choice just for the airport scenes.

Leave Duplicity for a night that you want a little help falling asleep.  (Sorry, Clive!)  SKIP IT!

7 Degrees of Giamatti!  Clive Owen & Paul Giamatti:  Shoot ‘EM Up! (Mindless, gratuitously violent fun!), Paul Giamatti solo: Sideways (“I’m not drinking F***** merlot!”), Paul Giamatti obscuro & Julia Roberts: My Best Friend’s Wedding (Classic creampuff rom com).

Pick Instead:  Confidence  with Rachel Weisz, Edward Burns, Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman just to name a few.

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