Check it Actor: It’s Gerard-a-palooza!

Thought I’d post up some trailers from my fav Scots: Gerry Butler.  He seems to be ubiquitous right now…kinda like Elvis…and bad reality shows.

Play me!



Opens Sept 4, 2009

Also stars Dexter alum Michael C Hall.

When the Good Go Righteously Bad!
When the Good Go Righteously Bad!

Law Abiding Citizen

  Opens Oct 16th, 2009
Also obviously stars fellow triple threat Jamie Foxx.
Not enough Butler for you?  Rent or buy Tales of the Black Freighter, the animated movie of the comic from Watchmen, from iTunes.  Gerard does the voice for the main character.
Nice article from MSNBC too…yup, just like Elvis.
And he wouldn’t be making the grade if there weren’t some report claiming he’d slapped someone.  IF someone messed with his pug, who can blame him…although a pug, really?  Sure, they’re cute but….a pug….really?  Maybe he can borrow my Corgi next time.  It would be a leg up. 
The Deerhunter
The Deerhunter

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