Check it Fashion: Polyvore! What a Score!

I’m not a designer and I don’t play one on TV.  I just know what I like and occasionally what I need to tone down from childhood nightmares of bright ass yellow shiny tuxedo suits.  Egad, no wonder half of Montana stared at me!  But under the tutelage of some very stylish friends, episode after episode of the original What Not to Wear on BBC America, and many a copy of Lucky magazine, I feel confident that I’ve found a niche that I’d like to call me.
And one thing I love to do is experiment.  And Polyvore as a site lets me do that.  I especially like the links to buy.  Although, being stylish has it’s price.  Take, for example, the earrings I chose below…yeah go ahead, click and find out that I’d never pay that much for earrings…not that I’d wear, anyways.  But the thing I’m really hankering for, is the cable knit beanie.  I love hats.  It was the one spot of fashion rebellion I held onto all through 1-12 growing up in MT.
My weapon of choice used to be a Fedora, inspired not by Indiana Jones, but Simon from Duran Duran.  Needless to say, the shoppers in the Scheels hardware store used to stop and stare.  Who’s that girl in the Converse high tops and the Fedora?
Who indeed?  Well, unfortunately, the $23 beanie is sold out at Topshop…but I’m inspired nonetheless.  Time to grab the girls and a pair of sensible shoes…
Well, after an appropriate Happy Hour, that is…

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