HGF: Bad Boyz of Hawt

Last Sunday was a big TV night for Hot Guy fans with some MAJOR fireworks off network.  So instead of pretending that I wasn’t watching and wasn’t so inspired, I’m going with the current and going with the flow because as Gloria Estefan sez…Bad Bad Bad Bad boys, you make me feel so good!  (Hey, it was better than flipping out the COPS theme!)
Was there any question?
Was there any question?

First up:  What is up with all the damn vampires?!  They’re everywhere!  Some of them even sparkle!  (Only inferior ones in my book but don’t take my word, talk to the Whedon!)  I really don’t care about the recent buzz (altho it may drive traffic to my other blog…).  Vamps have been hot for..um…centuries.  Easily!  We’ve had a few tasty vampire men to ogle in the past but I’m sorry, TV has been bereft of finding just the right specimen to really stoke up the bonfires.

That is until Alexander Skarsgard cut his hair, put on a track suit, and declared “If I want [her], I can simply take her.”  True Blood has brought sexy back to TV vamps and sorry, Bill, this girl is Team Eric all the way.  The accent, the blue steel, the ability to rend humans in bite-sized pieces….ahhh, yeah!  That’s what sez “I am Vampire!”  Skarsgard’s Eric fits in the tradition of great hunky vampires that don’t mind what they are: Lestat, Jean-Claude, Henry Fitzroy.  I won’t spoil the hawtness on display from last week’s awesome episode (friends are reading) but I can say the tide is turning…GO TEAM ERIC!

But doubly badass is this Swede’s murderous romp with Lady Gaga in her “Paparazzi” video.  Sure he bites it in the end but damn he looks good doing it.  Here’s hoping the folks over at Marvel pull their collective heads out and snatch up this towering Nordic powerhouse to play the Thundergod himself, Thor.  What could be more timely than bad boy of True Blood turned true hero of Norse proportions?

There’s only one thing to say for that wish…GO TEAM SKARSGARD!

I'll dish it out...and you'll love me for it.
That's why they call it dirrty!

Sunday night also brought back the critically acclaimed Mad Men and perpetual womanizer and bad boy Don Draper, deftly played by hottie in the Brooks Brothers suit, Jon Hamm

 Not watching Mad Men?  Let me plug a little.  It’s on AMC.  Not sure where that is on your guide ?  It’s set in the uber-sexism of the 1960’s workplace.  A woman’s place is in the home, or on the floor or couch of the office.  Everyone smokes.  Nixon is running for Prez.  And it’s about advertisers trying to find ways to sell bras.  Not enough for you?

Yeah wouldn’t have been for me either except that because of the sexism, racism, and total lack of progressiveness…it makes for really good television.  Remember, that’s how it really was back then.  But if the show had no anchor, something you could in some small way hope to rout for, it’d be as DOA as New Coke.  Enter Jon Hamm.

There isn’t a woman that Don Draper wouldn’t ogle nor a camera that doesn’t eat Jon Hamm up in all his glossy haired, cigarette-smoking, lady-crotch-grabbing, lying glory.  How an actor can play a man of such ill-repute with such frailty, desperation, and style…where is this guy’s Emmy??  Beat out by a science teacher dying of cancer selling illegal pharmaceuticals???  REALLY???

Of course, it helps to have a rock star cast and solid writing but most in his favor is the director who lets Jon Hamm’s countenance and stillness carry a scene…for moments…as the camera pans…and fades out….WOW!  Acting aside, he’s got the quintessential ladykiller look, all gussied up and slicked back, swagger to the bar and order himself a cocktail…and whatever she’s drinking…with a tryst.

Ahhh yes, Season 3 is finally here!  For your viewing consumption!

Hmm, mebbe I'll kill you with my hawt looks?
Hmm, mebbe I'll kill you with my hawt looks?

Heating it up in all sorts of bad and wrong ways on a show struggling to get its mojo back is murderous wonder-boyZachery Quinto.  Honestly, he’s held the show Heroestogether for awhile now, playing the baddie everyone loves to cringe and run run run away from, Sylar.  So good is Zachery Quinto at being bad that I think the writers (much like George Lucas, See Interstellar Hot Guyz) went out of their minds, thinking of ways to debunk their own creation.  Let’s make him struggling to be good.  ENNNHH!  Wrong Answer.  Let’s give him a girlfriend.  ENNNHHH!  Strike Two.  Let’s make him brother to our popular do-gooder.  ENNNH!  Strike Three.  Survey SAYS Quinto is best at making Sylar the bogeyman we’ve rarely seen on TV.

Which is why it was particularly intriguing when the word came out that Sylar would be Spock in the revamp of Star Trek for the big screen.  Illogical?  Maybe at first glance but carrying off the much younger and more rebellious Vulcan struggling with time and a wicked Oedipus Complex (for Winona?  really?  huh?) seemed to need a full pocket of emotion and Quinto has it to spare.  Even his blank face speaks volumes.  It gets you thinking.  Wait.  Normally he looks angry or sinister so what does blank mean?  Oh God!   Is he going to rip someone’s skull open??

We all may have waited eons for Spock to do that very same thing but it’s really no wonder that the Shatner was upset about being excluded about this newest rewrite.  There is no place in this movie for Kirk….Spock is the hero, the villain, the penitent, the savior, and the hero all over again.  And Zachery Quinto carries off more foundation than a drag queen with expert grace as the most human of all Vulcans.

But I couldn’t help myself from wondering, pondering Zachery’s evil hawtness and hero hawtness: what I’d like to see is that Sylar Spock throwdown…..ahhhhh yeah!  ENGAGE!!

At the end of the day, girls falling for the bad boy tends to get a bit more mileage than it should.  But these guys, safely encased in celluloid or HighDef can treat us poorly, they can refuse to call, they can forget our names, and it’s just fine.   We know who pays their checks.  Keep it coming!

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  1. Oh-me-oh-my I would like a slice of Jon Hamm pie. He is just a tall drink of firewater, ain’t he? Zachary Quinto is looking a lot more adorable now that his eyebrows have gotten a lot less fuzzy. He’s so emo-cute, I can’t stand it. He kind of reminds me of director/actor Eli Roth, no?

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