HGF: Interstellar Hawt Guyz

After last week’s trip to semi-normalcy with guys who just dig their jobs, I figured it was a good time to throw up my hands and surrender to complete and utter hawtness of universal and stellar proportions.  That’s right.  It’s time for guys so hot, they are out of this world!  Or at least, they play that way on TV or film.
Don't call me Crackers
Don't call me Crackers

If you dig Sci-Fi or SyFy or whatever the frak it’s calling itself nowadays and you watch Friday nights (or Tivo it because, heh, I’m assuming you’re out on Friday nights, right?), then your captain of interstellar delight will have been wearing an SG-1 uniform and trying to dial the gate to save the planet as Colonel “Cam” Mitchell.  But those of us that are crazy ass Ben Browder fans want Farscape back so we can enjoy the crazy/sexy/cool antics of John Crichton, can I get a “Hell Yeah!”

Not only did Henson Productions and Sci-Fi hit the jackpot with casting mostly unknown Browder as the astronaut who jumps through a wormhole, the fans got a funny, versatile, and sexy lead who was part cowboy, part nerdy pilot, and all sass before Joss Whedon had even thought up Firefly.  Browder was wowing audiences globally with his sharp wit and ability to take any crazy scenario they threw him in and sell it with complete confidence.  Puppet exiled leader as nasty foil?  Check.  Leather-bound ghast in cockroach form haunting his brain?  Check.  Blue alien ladies?  Oh, hell yeah, check!  Move over Kirk…Crichton not only outdoes you…he gets the girl in the end of the series…AND in the mini-series the fans fought to bring back…AND in the completely different series as both Browder and his romantic sidekick Claudia Black keep the faith for Farscape fans all the way into Stargate SG-1. 

Ben Browder, after winning several Saturn awards, would probably love to branch out and needs a good agent to help that along.  But you know, everyone loves the hero.  And there ain’t much sexier/funnier in the galaxy than Ben Browder’s Crichton.

Hi, my name is Stacie…and I’m a Smallville addict.  Every season, I think I’m going to be able to give it up.  Especially after season 6 & 7.  Enough with the CLANA!  Please!  I had to learn to watch the show on mute.  While reading a

I believe I can fly!
I believe I can fly!

magazine….and painting my toenails.  And I was just going to catch the Season 8 opener to prove to myself that yes, I can stop, the magic is over.  And then the damn producers of the show did the unthinkable:  they put Tom Welling, aka Clark Kent, aka Superman, in a business suit.  Oh…..shizzle.  *Sigh*  It’s game over, game over.  Hooked all over again.  Are you kidding me?  Give up the opportunity to see Tom Welling every week…in a suit and tie?!  I don’t have the power to resist that.

Never mind the fact that the producers also threw cutey Justin Hartley (aka Green Arrow) on the show to, uh, liven it up.  Nope, unnecessary.  If you don’t think Tom Welling is one of the hottest looking guys EVER, well, then you must have your eyes closed.  It took my a long time to pick a picture for this post…who could pick just one Tom Welling picture?  It’s like trying to eat one Pringles potato chip!  It’s bad for you but you can’t just eat/see one.  Maybe the suit with the messy hair.  Maybe the classic shirt off with the ‘S’ painted on.  Maybe one of the beefier stills from an early season when he’s playing up the hunky farm boy.  God, who cares~!  Any will do. 

And I’ll play the game again, wishing that Tom Welling breaks out to do other things while secretly wondering when they are going to have Supes fly on the show.  He’s been able to act pretty much every which way you can, even doing some directing now, which is great.  And just like our good friend Ben Browder, success can sometimes be a death knell for a long and varied career.  But considering how many of us were aghast that the movie producers cast anyone BUT Tom Welling to play Supes in the movie revamp, I think he’ll probably always have a place in front of the camera if he wants it.

Hi…I’m a happy Tom Welling addict, ready for yet another season of Smallville…bring on the ZOD!

You're damn right I shot first!
You're damn right I shoot first!

And ending this week’s Hot Guy Friday from waaaaaaaaaay out there is truly a Long Time Ago and a Galaxy far far away…you know, the 70’s.  But one can’t always go for the perfectly pretty boys and forget the scruffy looking nerf-herders with a hearts ‘o gold.  The ones that prefer a straight fight to all that sneaking around.  Of course, I mean Harrison Ford in the role that made him, Han Solo.   He wasn’t pretty and young Mark Hamill, who’s unfortunate accident and more unfortunate role in Corvette Summer likely short-changed the rest of his career.  He was simply a carpenter who fixed George’s house and looked enough the part of a luggie hick in a cowboy hat that George would cast him in American Graffiti

But Han Solo was the perfect match for Ford, sarcasm with a touch of genuine naivete, scoundrel with a heart of gold.  So popular was his rogue creation that George fought against his own storytelling instincts and let Han Solo live.  Which short circuited something in George’s brain and the next thing we have Teddy Ruxpin defeating the most powerful army in the universe…with sticks…and rocks…and happy dances.  Yes, you can blame all of the other poor decisions in the Star Wars-verse on Han Solo’s handsomeness overwhelming George’s sense of the myth.  The best buddy has to die.  Well, no not in this case.  Han Solo even gets the girl after confirming that incest does not run in the family.

Sci-Fi writers must’ve been equally whacked in the head because they attempted to write this wrong by having Leia, ambassador and royal chick, marry someone else.  Um, yeah.  After bearing Han Solo twins.  Uh, yeah.  What is wrong with you people!?  You froze him in carbonite.  Get off him!

But no matter, Harrison Ford used Han Solo for all he was worth before beating up Nazis, stealing sacred rocks, avoiding snakes and Spielberg wives in movies.  Now, if he could avoid any more lame ass reunion movie ideas between Spielberg and George (and yes, I still want my $10 back!) , Han Solo and Indiana Jones might be able to have a nice beer in a cantina somewhere in Harrison Ford’s mind.  Harrison’s ears might be longer than the earring he wears and weigh more than his new wife Calista, but we’ll always have Han Solo…forever frozen in celluloid hawtness.

May the Hawt be with you!

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