HGF: ‘It’s just what I do’ guyz

 For this week’s edition of Hot Guy Friday, I figured I’d celebrate the guys in the public eye just doing what they do best, the semi-celebs.  They’re not actors, they don’t play them on T.V. but they do share who they are with us through the media of television.  I’d say that I bring you the every man but you’ll soon see that even though these guys aren’t named Brad, Clive, or Johnny, they have their own ways of showing us that Hot Guys come in all walks of life.  Think of this as the “I love my job” hot guy list.
Indestructible charm at any speed
Indestructible charm at any speed

I Feel the Need for Speed

 A person is lucky to be passionate about his job.  And Richard Hammond is one of the luckiest men alive.  Not only for the fact that he co-hosts the highly entertaining, award winning auto show Top Gear where he gets to drive fast, expensive cars, hang with his mates, and globe trot on wild adventures for the audience’s viewing pleasure.  No this host with most can thank his lucky stars because in 2006, while test driving the jet powered Vampire car, he crashed at a speed of 288 mph (463 km/h) after a tire blew out.  According to the police report from the investigation that followed, it was his skill as a driver that enabled him to control the car enough to slow it down and minimize the damage.  Still filming for the next season had to be postponed, thoughtfully, so that Hammond could get a hero’s return to the show.  And none too soon because losing Hammond’s enthusiastic spirit and playful nature would’ve definitely been sad for all.
The show may not be as gear-headed as when it started with challenges like asking rally car drivers to test street buses or racing against a jet powered kayak in Iceland.  But it remains a celebration of man’s love for his machine and his ultimate reverence for the craftsmanship of a finely tuned engine and properly balanced suspension.  And with Hammond providing both good-natured comic relief as the brunt of a lot of jokes and an easy-going carefree charm, this show has become a testament to the fact that it’s fun watching guys have fun.  And the look and sound of pure boyish glee at driving like his hair was on fire, that is one of the sexiest things around.  And being cute as a button certainly doesn’t hurt either!
I Shall Bend Like a Reed in the Wind

Twisty bobcat pretzel indeed!
Twisty bobcat pretzel indeed!

I have a confession to make: flexible guys scare me.  I don’t know why.  If we had a bucket full of nickels, that might be a session for Dr. Lucy.  But having a dulcet voice to encourage me to stretch myself into a pretzel during AM Yoga certainly helps to calm it.  So if I am going to get my ass up at the crack of dawn to try and reach my toes, then I couldn’t ask for better than Rodney Yee.  Yoga is as much about trust as it is about the actual twisting, stretching, and holding Warrior 2 until your thighs tremble.  And trust is awfully hard to come by at 6AM, bleary eyed, running late, itching for that first shot of coffee.  But Rodney Yee starts you off slow, his calm demeanor winning you over, and you just trust him to get you through the workout in a pleasant and calm way.  Before I found a wonderful local yoga studio and instructor, I found Rodney Yee and he taught me to touch my toes.  He also made me work my abs off.  It makes me wonder what people think when they say yoga is just stretching.  Have you tried to do Bird of Paradise pose lately? 
 Or maybe the Crow pose Rodney is displaying here?  Yeah, you know how they name martial arts moves after animals?  Crow pose, people.  Try it.  Or not.  But if you need a calm and soothing presence to work you through it or a mean round of abs and make you not mind it so much, might I recommend that as-flexible-as-Gumby guy clad in that teeny black speedo, Rodney Yee.  Namaste!
I Live for Catching Crabs
I just work here!
This is my office!

Part of what makes the Discovery Channel so gosh-darned fun is that it plays up the real to the point of ridiculous.  Ghost Hunters, Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, all take real stuff (sorta) and amp it up for market consumption.  Which is what makes the translation of the guys fishing on crab boats to cable phenomenon of epic portions known as The Deadliest Catch so baffling and yet totally understandable.  There is no drama higher than an EPIRB going off in the darkness of the Bering Sea across the fleet.  No matter how many times they replay the drama, it’s still gut sickening.  Every year, fishermen go up to the Bering Sea in pursuit of crab.  Every year, some don’t come back.  And even though the editing seems heavy-handed of late, it’s almost a relief when the highest drama in an episode is whether Captain Sig can go 15 minutes without a smoke.

 Which brings me to my completely incomprehensible crush on Deck Boss Edgar Hansen of the Northwestern.    These guys live life on the edge, leaving their families behind to search for gold in cold depths off the coast of Alaska.  Fishermen are born as many of these men are just carrying on the family legacy.  And while some joke and laugh, grumble and shout, and even occasionally throw a punch after days of non-stop work and sleeping on their feet, Edgar seems to be that embodiment of the fishermen spirit: hard-working, sardonic, and professional.  The captains on the show often get the bulk of the limelight as they struggle to find good grounds, set pots, and get everyone back to offload on time and safely.  But it’s the guys on deck drudging through hour after hour of back-breaking, cold numbing, tedious work that still manage to crack a joke or punk a greenhorn that make it most watchable and Edgar is the King of that.  I’m not saying by any means that he’s made the ritual of biting the head off a fish while heading out to sea sexy.  Urrr…no. 

But a guy comfortable in his skin, proud of his heritage, able to get the job done in deplorable conditions while still having a few laughs, that’s a prize you can’t haul.  And seeming slightly shy when meeting adoring fans with cameras at the ready, that’s priceless.
And that’s really what makes these guys hot, loving what you do, whatever it is.
 Crush Alert!


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