Haute days of Summer

Fan optional

 When that inner slug inside speaks to you during the dog days of summer and murmurs…t-shirt and shorts and flip flops…you can choose to give in or turn up the heat with some uber-hot outfits!  Nothing says I’m cool under pressure like hot passionate colors mixed in an energetic palate that looks easy peasy for both work and play.

Orange Floral POP!
The Pitch:    An orange sheath dress with a bright and light floral scarf wrap doesn’t need much else to do the talking.  Add some matching leather flats to ride the orange crush in comfortable style during the day and pump up the volume with magenta gladiators for a hot night out.
The Personal:  Whenever I wear bright colors like this to my workplace, I blind my coworkers.  Working in IT used to be accompanyed by a badge to be drab, especially if you were a woman trying to be taking seriously in a man’s traditional field.  But with an influx of Indian woman and their beautiful saris and flare for color, I don’t get the looks I used to.  Instead of the overwhelmed deer in the headlights, there seems to be just smiles and admiration.  Thanks for brightening the day!
Sheath dress from Ann Taylor, Scarf from Chico’s, Sandals from R2, Gladiators from Nine West.
Plaid Color Sweetness
plaidssmThe Pitch:  For a more light-hearted look, pair a sweet bright plaid sundress with a bright pink form fitting short sleeved cardigan to keep you warm indoors and cool outdoors.  A yellow bowler bag and yellow strappy high heel sandals take the sweetness to a sophisticated level without tarting it up.
The Personal:  God this outfit was cool and comfy.  The sundress is flowing and roomy at the bottom, letting a lot of air flow.  With a longer hem, that works out fine.  The cardigan was just thin enough but substnatial enough to protect both against 80 degree heat walking between buildings and AC air blasts in the colder conference rooms.  The sandals, although the be tall, are amazingly comfortable proving yet again that Nine West makes amazing shoes.  It’s hard for me to wear something this gentile looking so having the pops of yellow and the high heels really brought it home.
 Sundress from GAP, Cardigan from J. Crew, Bowler Bag from Fred Meyer, Sandals from Nine West.
 Remember your suncreen as you will be radiating all on your own!

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