HGF: Rom-Com a Nom Nom Guyz

Seattle’s been a hot tranny mess, as my fav Project Runway designer/winner Christian likes to say.  And recuping from a head cold I’m just now starting to be able to think again.  But what helped me thru my ailments was taking it easy, hanging in malls/theaters with my girls, and the guilty pleasure of completely, mindlessly devouring three recent rom-coms.  So this list is dedicated to the guys that let themselves be the objects of female obsession in one of the most banal but oh-so-tasty forms of modern entertainment:  the Romantic Comedy.

Hold me, I'm cuddly!

I can’t really post Gerry yet again as A) I mentioned him in last time’s post B) I have him in mind for another themed week and C) I’d me showing my personal preferences too much.  So taking a leap off from his massive hysterical and naughty The Ugly Truth co-star Katherine Hiegl, I choose a equally capable and talented guy letting himself the elf be objectified: James Marsden.

They starred together in 27 Dresses and while that movie was fun and his role a great foil to what seems to be Katherine Hiegl’s rom-com thing, it was just affirmation on the Cupcake Royale that he’s hot.  If the singing hipster in 2007’s Hairspray or the singing princester in Enchanted

My eyes are up here, girls!
My eyes are up here, girls!

didn’t sell you, then um, there’s just something wrong with you.  Cuddly cute is HAWT!

But what did it for me was when this then little-known actor took my most hated character in all of the Marvel-verse….and made me LIKE him!  Damn you, Marsden with your quippy grin and your 2 days of stubble, you made me like Cyclops even without using your baby blue eye-rays!  Even when YOU were shouting that accursed name:  “JEAN!!!!!”

Now that there is talent uncompared.

Step two on the road to healthy recovering involved a double-bill of Rom-Com-Nom with an actor that just seems to be everywhere (except my house) nowadays: Ryan Reynolds.  He’s now old hat at Rom-Coms, including one like Definitely, Maybe where he was the star instead of some single female.  I finally caught all of that one this week thanks to cable.  Hottie Tottie, that!  But this week, my good bud Wasabi Prime and I finally got to see The Proposal

I feel pretty!  Oh so witty!
I feel pretty! Oh so witty!

, in its popcorny goodness and with drinks to boot (Please say in Canadian in honor of RR)!  The story was good, both Sandra B and RR looked amazing and, well, the whole lack of family story always makes me tear up.  And yes, the naked scene is totally hysterical and kudos to both actors for going the full monty for their art and our enjoyment.

But again, my first notice wasn’t in no stinking rom-com….unless Wesley Snipes stars in those.  It was when he hooked up with Jessica Biel to provide some sardonic laughs (and oh so amazing abs) to Snipes ummutable moroseness in Blade Trinity.  And Wesley can get over himself…RR was the BEST thing about that movie.  A picture will never capture that look on his face when he’s in full smirk and says something god-awful snarky, you want to high five him then toss him in bed.  Can he pull off two comic heros in Deadpool AND Green Lantern?  Who knows but I’m perfectly willing to watch him try.

Speaking of RR’s movie Definitely, Maybe allows me to make a 2nd degree of separation to my last pick this week from the movie that helped me through yesterday afternoon’s malaise: Confession of a Shopaholic.  I didn’t originally want to see this pic.  Sometimes a cute guy just isn’t enough to let you sit through something that seems so wrong, you want to purge it from memory.  But you know what they say about books and covers.  And Definitely, Maybe showed off Isla Fisher’s capable ability to be both real and charming in her own right so I thought, ok, i’m sick, I won’t run screaming from the room, if I fall asleep, no biggie, I’ll give it a try.  And afterwards hit IMDB wondering when Hugh Dancy was going to be in another film.

Ok so maybe that ignores the DVR search for his movies that found a typical Brit film (brit soldier…native woman…make like Hungry like the Wolf video…bad things happen…happiness ensues) with then unknown Jessica Alba.  Dude!  Nice!  Hugh’s got chops…uh, acting ones that is.   And he’s not afraid to, like Mr Reynolds, turn a little rom-com mayhem…his next role is in a romance about a guy with Aspergers called Adam.  Uh, yeah, makes as much sense as another retelling of Pride and Prejudice.  I bet you he answers the question: Does this make me look fat? with a charmingly blank expression.

But back to Confessions (har har), it was a fun little movie with a decent enough message…never salsa with a hand fan!  I mean, never dance away the night with the girl and meet the blonde at your hotel!   Ur, Never overspend on your credit card…that’s for a guy to do.  Ok, there was no message and there seldom is in rom-coms.  That’s what makes them entirely enjoyable and easily digestible, like that little square of dark chocolate.  It’s not too bad in calories so you have no regrets, it tastes yummers, and hey, doctors say it’s good for you.  Now go take your medicine!

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